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Penn Field Hockey Camps



One of the keys to becoming a mentally tough field hockey player is to play the game with a high level of confidence. During my years working as a mental and team building coach, the most frequent request that I receive from players is that they want to learn how to play with more confidence. I view playing with confidence as a choice that you control, but sometimes this is easier said than done. Continue reading
There is much more to becoming a championship field hockey team than the skill level of each player. The amount of communication. working together. and mutual respect is crucial in becoming a high performing field hockey team. A vital component of winning the mental and team game of field hockey is the cohesiveness of your team. While winning a championship ring is awesome, the most vivid memories and feelings that stay with a team are the special relationships that are developed throughout the season. Continue reading
For many athletes, competition can be stressful when it should be fun. Last minute self-doubts often alter an athlete's focus that can last from before the first whistle to the final second of competition, and for no other reason than insufficient pre-competition planning. Mental preparation is one of the most powerful tools to help you play with confidence. Many games are won or lost because of mental and physical preparation or the lack of preparation. Continue reading
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